What kind of training is this?

View the following training video: KP Training 

What are the fundamentals needed to be successful in this program?

Please visit the following video to learn the basic movements for this program: KP Fundamentals

How do I register my child for training?

You can register your child during open enrollment which is after current KP athletes sign up. The open enrollment date is listed on the schedule page.

I want to sign up for training, but there is nothing available on the registration dropdown. Does that mean it is full?

If the desired class is unavailable, the class is filled or is already underway and you will have to wait for the next open enrollment.

My or my kid’s schedule changed and we already signed up for training, can we switch sessions, get a refund, transfer my spot to another kid, or transfer it to the next round?

There are no refunds, switching, or transferring of any kind. The commitment to training works both ways and spots are limited.

What should my child bring to training?

Water, Gatorade, training shoes, and KP Bands (if he/she has trained in the past). *If your child is training on a grass field they should also bring cleats to all sessions.

When does training start?

Please check the schedule tab. Future training programs will be announced via a newsletter or updated on the schedule page.

I don’t have a credit/debit card. Can I pay some other way?

Everyone is required to register online using a credit/debit card.

Does Coach Kenny do one-time clinics?

Coach Kenny does one-time objective specific clinics based on availability.

Does Coach Kenny give personal training?

Coach Kenny gives personal training based on availability. He also requires that the athlete join one of the groups because competition brings out the best in everyone and provides and opportunity to reinforce technique.

Does Coach Kenny do team or group training?

Coach Kenny does team and group training based on availability. He also requires that your team/group make an 8-16 session commitment.

Does Coach Kenny cancel training due to inclement weather?

Coach Kenny rarely cancels the training. If there is a cancellation, the website will be updated within 3 hours of the training notifying everyone of the cancellation. If there is no update/notification, that means training is on. *Please use your discretion on whether or not you choose to have your child attend if the weather is bad… safety always comes first!

Can my child be dismissed from training?

If a student is not demonstrating a positive attitude, giving 100% effort, or exhibiting 100% focus, a discussion will ensue on what’s the next steps to help the student achieve his/her goals. Typically, if a student can’t follow our three keys to success, the best option is to remove him/her from the class because this training is for students who want to be their best.

Is there a sibling discount?

There is no sibling discount available at this time.