Client Testimonials

  • Kale Ane, Athletic Director - Football Head Coach, Punahou School

    Kenny Patton has helped our players learn the proper mechanics for running faster. He makes learning these fundamentals challenging yet fun. He is able to get our players quicker and faster which makes us a better team. I endorse Kenny to all athletes who are looking for ways to get quicker and faster, he can help you make the jump to being a better athlete.

  • Dr. Calvin Oishi, Orthopedic Surgeon

    Working with Kenny Patton will most certainly increase the speed and explosiveness of the athlete; in addition, there is an emphasis on correct footwork and balance which will prevent twisting injuries to the athlete's hips, knees, and ankles.

  • Bob Kawamura, Founder, Hawaii Volleyball Combine

    Kenny has been the Combine Drills Director of the Hawaii Volleyball Combine since the inception of the combine because he is the premier trainer who has the education, experience, certifications and proven results to take any student athlete to the next level. Kenny is highly respected and is the consummate professional. His training is sports specific, progressive, motivational, inspirational and efficient. Whether a novice or elite athlete, Kenny is the trainer who will improve your game, fitness level or help you to reach your goals. Kenny trained my daughter Kayla throughout her high school years and she played for the UH Wahine.

  • Doris Sullivan, President/Director, Pacific Islands Athletic Alliance

    Kenny Patton is the best. Hands down. The athletes Kenny trains for the PIAA combine every year are by far the most prepared. They are the most prepared when their athletic season starts, no matter what sport, and they are the most prepared for college level training. He is a selfless individual and looks out for the best interest of the athletes. The athletes should realize how fortunate they are to have someone like Kenny right here in Hawaii to train them.

  • Chad Owens, Professional Football Player (MVP)

    KP is a terrific trainer. He can demonstrate, teach, and progress any athlete to get quicker and faster. He helps me whenever I come back to Hawaii and he works with my strength trainers to find the best program to increase my overall athletic performance. Athletes in the State of Hawaii need to train with KP if they want to be their best!

  • Justin Frash, Baseball Hitting Professional, Frash Elite Hitting

    When I played Pro Ball, I went to coach Kenny looking to get faster. His training surpassed my greatest expectations. Now as a hitting coach, I refer all my athletes looking to get faster and quicker to coach Kenny. All the players he has worked with have improved their home-to-first and 60 yard dash times, their lateral movement and quickness have increased, and they actually enjoy training with him because the workouts are progressive and intense.

  • Luis Ramirez, Director, Rox Rainbows Volleyball Club

    Coach Kenny is an amazing trainer and has tremendously helped my volleyball club and athletes achieve top physical performance. Not only does he help with injury prevention exercises and building their stamina, he provides them the guidance to be a top student-athlete on and off the court/field and in the classroom. Many of my players have gone on to achieve collegiate success in conjunction with Coach Kenny’s speed and agility training, playing high level volleyball, and doing well academically. He is very technical in his field and handles his program very professionally. Coach Kenny is an asset to any program that he works with and we continue utilizing his services.

  • Bart Kellner, Owner - Physical Therapist, Fysiotherapie Hawaii Inc

    "Kenny emphasizes proper technique and body position with his training. His positive approach and attention to detail helps to bridge the rehabilitation of our post surgical athletes and their return to competition."

  • Shawn Kuroda, Director, SURF Soccer Club Hawaii

    Our Hawaii Surf Players have been able to perform at a very high level in front of College Coaches because of Coach Kenny. We normally only travel about 2 times a year because of cost and it is very important for our players to be in shape and to be healthy at the right times. Coach Kenny helps our teams and players to be at their very Best at the right moments. Hawaii Surf is a strong believer in being the Best, "You have to train with the Best to be the Best.” Coach Kenny has trained my players who have committed to University of Oregon, University of Hawaii, Oregon State, Sacramento State, and this is only the beginning. We look at this as a investment for our players. We invest to help our teams to get faster, stronger, quicker, and also to stay healthy. I am PROUD and HONORED to have Coach Kenny working with our teams and players. I would not consider any other trainer(s) working with our players. Results don't lie! On a personal note, at one point, my daughter had about 4 sprained ankles within a 5 week period and she missed a lot of games and training sessions because of these nagging injuries. Since she started working with Coach Kenny, she has had only (1) sprained ankle ever since. Please keep in mind this is almost going on a 2 year period. Because of coach Kenny, she is in great shape and healthy and faster and stronger she is able to avoid hard tackles and avoid collisions on the field. Coach Kenny is the Best. I only Trust Coach Kenny to work with my daughter and SURF Soccer Club Hawaii!

  • Jason Popkin, Director, I Got Skills Soccer Clinics

    Over the years I have seen coach Kenny train athletes of all levels and sports. He brings it every time, giving each athlete exactly what they need. We bring Patton Sports Performance and Coach Kenny Patton to our Oahu camps because they're the best Speed and Agility trainers on the island.

  • Eimi Kurita, World Karate Champion & PanAmerican Karate Champion

    Kenny’s training is the best decision I have ever made in my karate career. I not only get physically stronger, but I also get mentally tougher as well. I feel that because of his training I have a great advantage over my opponents during competition.

  • Brandis Miyazaki, PanAmerican Karate Champion

    The experience of this training has been great and has shown me definite results in my performance. I love this training and feel very fortunate for being a part of it here in Hawaii.

  • Brandi Robinson, PanAmerican Karate Champion

    I have been training under Kenny Patton for a little over a year now, my athletic abilities have improved tremendously. The type of training that he provides has increased my fitness level, enhanced my speed and agility quickness, made me Physically and mentally stronger, but overall Kenny Patton training has molded me into the ideal athlete.

  • Parent of Collegiate Volleyball Player

    If your son or daughter is serious about playing sports in college, I strongly recommend Kenny Patton. My daughter trained with him during high school and then trained with him in preparation for college volleyball. Her speed, jumping ability, and agility greatly improved and she was in shape for her initial college volleyball camp. Kenny teaches the proper techniques and his workouts are motivating and encouraging.

  • Collegiate Quarterback

    I have been training with Kenny for 6 years and I have improved tremendously. It’s not just going out and running, it is specific training that will improve you in your sport. When it came to my college football preparedness, Kenny was able to get my feet much faster so I could move around better in the pocket as a QB. Every chance I get when I am home I train with him because I know it’s the best thing for me… I believe he is the best in Hawaii without a doubt.

  • Parent of Future Collegiate Volleyball Player

    When I first took my daughter to Coach Kenny, I was not sure exactly what we wanted but I knew something in her form was wrong and making her slower. In the first session with Coach Kenny, he had it pegged and then started working on it. She has continued to get faster and when she beat all of her teammates sprints, she was in heaven. That has continued and a large part of it is her physical presence and that is attributable directly to Coach Kenny.

  • Collegiate Defensive Back

    Working with KP this summer has really helped my techniques… I am able to come out of my breaks a lot faster allowing me to break on routes much faster! My hips are a lot more fluid which enables me to change direction so much more… The majority of my success this season is from my workouts in the summer with KP.

  • Future Collegiate Wide Receiver

    I have acquired athletic skills that were previously unattainable. Coach KP broke many of my old habits in my running form and replaced them with correct habits. My route running increased significantly and my 40-yard dash became faster. My time used to be a 5.1, but now it’s a 4.6. The best change of all was my mind set. Coach KP helped me gain confidence in my abilities. I have learned that I can do anything if I focus, set new goals, and I never say “I can’t.”

  • Coach KP

    Due to NCAA Bylaw ( Coach KP can not have testimonials from future or current collegiate athletes by name on his site, because he wants you to be college eligible! To all of his future & current collegiate athletes- He is proud of you and is always here for you!